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The power of a syntesizer is not to imitate but to create !!

Welcome to Skoulaman's musical portal

I will perform in the USA, may 18th 2019 in Philadelphia, at the Gatherings.

Tickets and info here

What is it with synthesizers ? It started a lot of years, my fascination for this kind of instruments. Was it the music from Vangelis "Fanfare to the commen man ", Tomita's "Girl with the flaxen Hair", Jean Michel Jarre's "Oxygen", Kraftwerk's "Autobahn" ore  "Stratosfear" from Tangerine Dream.

I don't known, maybe Mike Oldfields  "Ommadawn"  (although it was not only synth's).

What it was, well it dosn't matter, now after more then 35 years I make my own synth music and try to fascinate other people with this incredible musical instrument. At this website you can read more about my studio, equipment, my music etc. but first some history

It started at the the end of the 70's. I was wondering how the music was made from Vangelis, TD, JMJ, Tomita, Kraftwerk, Mike Oldfield , and so on. I read (mostly at that time at the back of a LP-album) about Moog modulairs, String synthesizers, EMT-eventide reverb, Binson-Echorec, Space Dimensions, ARP, Oberheim , etc, etc.  It was al abacadadra for me but it impressed me. All the knobs, pots, gliders, flashing seqeuncers, it looks far away for me.My first keyboard was a Solina electronic organ with a evening study how to play.  But after a few months it started really. I cought my hands on a second hand Solina String Synthesizer, a truly amazing combination of a ARP-explorer and the famous Solina string. A short time after that came my first reverb unit, a Sansui. A straight forward spring reverb. Well...and then...came the Ibanez UE 400 multi (guitar) effect with flanger and phaser and then...the Sequentiel Circuits Pro-one, a really  monofon synthesizer,  and then.....

Now after more then 35 years a lot has changed. Now I am capable making CD's, to record digital and show it to you on my website (and Youtube). Some of my equipment is sold ore refurbished.

I bought new gear (mostly 2e hand) and now and than I play live at stage. This is done with only hardware, no computer used (for back tracking), only  sequencers ore a groovebox.

How to describe my music.? I don't now, some say TD other Vangelis ore Ulrich Schnauss.

See the comments in my Vid's on my Youtube channel

My music was used for a video art project 

The last few years I did some live performances:

I performed with Nick Robinson at Awakenings-em the UK.  April 14th 2018

Skoulaman and Son performed on the main stage at E-day 2018, NL, May 31th

 Cosmic Grunn, Groningen, NL, 2016

an impression

and in 2015 live at the Awakenings-em in the UK

and videos of track one and track four

Skoulaman & Son played live at E-day, NL

snapshot E-day 2015