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Welcome to Skoulaman's website

Skoulaman Cosmic Grunn, Groningen, NL


an impression

What is it with synthesizers ? It started a lot of years, my fascination for this kind of instruments. Was it the music from Vangelis "Fanfare to the commen man ", Tomita's "Girl with the flaxen Hair", Jean Michel Jarre's "Oxygen", Kraftwerk's "Autobahn" ore  "Stratosfear" from Tangerine Dream.

I don't known, maybe Mike Oldfields  "Ommadawn"  (although it was not only synth's).

What it was, well it dosn't matter, now after more then 30 years I make my own synth music and try to fascinate other people with this incredible musical instrument. At this website you can read more about my studio, equipment, my music etc.

The power of a syntesizer is not to imitate but to create !!

Skoulaman & Son played live at E-day

snapshot E-day 2015

and in 2015 live at the Awakenings-em festival in the UK


and some vidoes of track one and track four